ÖKV Agility Staatsmeisterschaft 2018

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Sandra Deidda (I)



1.) How and when did you first get in touch with Agility?
I saw agility first time in 1993 and I started practicing agility in 1996.

2.) What was your inspiration to get agility judge?
My feeling was that my experience in the Agility world could have been really complete becoming an Agility Judge. I am Handler, Trainer, and Judge. I think Agility is build year after year with the cooperation of these three subjects. They are continuously inspired by each other and and I believe this is the reason for the rapid development and incredible progression of Agility over the last 10 years.
this sport requires competence and This sport requires strong competences and passion because, in addition to being an exciting performance that really shows the incredible learning abilities of our dogs, it has a very important and foundamental ethical components.
I think that Judges, as well the trainers, have the responsibility to inspire theys jobs each other and I think that an agility judge must become from handling and training experience. They have a big responsability in building the agility of the future: correctly, safely, and technically challenging.

3.) What is the most faszinating part of agility for you?
The most fascinating thing is watching a dog doing difficult things at full speed, trusting the handler and his cues (verbal and body) and admire the elegance and power of the movement.

4.) What is yur favorite obstacle on the course?
a single jump for the multiples ways you can work with it

5.) Are you starting yourself on competitions?
Yes, or better... I am always trying to do it with my BC when possible.
In the past I ran agility with other 3 border collies and 2 shelties. I have started doing agility in 1997

6.) What was your funniest experience during a competition?
in the maximum concentration judging, something happened with a dog that took my mind and  I calculated in a wrong way my steps falling on the slalom 🙂 .... It was in Japan 2015. But the funniest moment with another main protagonist was in Slovakia when you falled into the A-frame on my course. !!!! 🙂

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