ÖKV Agility Staatsmeisterschaft 2018

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Nalle Jansson (S)


 1.) How and when did you first get in touch with Agility?
My first contact with agility was in 1997. My wifes breeder was having a meeting for the ones that bought a dog from her. This was Terevurens. At that moment I had a BIG Doberman (74 cm). We had a play competition and I was invited to compete as well.

2.) What was your inspiration to get agility judge?
After only some mounths I did feel that this was the thing for me. I used to compete in severall field tests. But now AGILITY was the thing for me. I became a judge only after 3 years as a competiter. Had some help from a good friend, who did judge the AWC in 2001.

3.) What is the most faszinating part of agility for you?
To see the cooporation between handler and dog is the most interessting thing. Also I just love to see them doing the run in the way I wanted and planed them to do.

4.) What is yur favorite obstacle on the course?
I do not have an obstacle that I have as an favorite. Contacts are interessting but so are all outher obstacles as well.

5.) Are you starting yourself on competitions?
Fore the moment I'm running with three dogs. One BC, 11 years old, two Croatian cheepdogs, age 19 months old. I think it is important that you as a judge compete.

6.) What was your funniest experience during a competition?
Must be when my doberman jumpt up on the scribes table after getting the command "table", witch was next to the scribes table.......

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