ÖKV Agility Staatsmeisterschaft 2018

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Jan Egil Eide (NO)


1.) How and when did you first get in touch with Agility?
1994. A friend of mine had tried it and brought me along.

2.) What was your inspiration to get agility judge?
Same friend had done the education and then it seemed possible and interesting. Looking back at it I had no idea what it was and first years I was quite bad at it...

3.) What is the most faszinating part of agility for you?
The relationship and teamwork with the dog. Whatever kind of dog you have it its possible to make cool and fun agility. Not everyone can become world champions but almost everyone can do agility.

4.) What is your favorite obstacle on the course?
I dont have a favourite obstacle, I like more to put all of the obstacles together to create something fun, fast and challenging.

5.) Are you starting yourself on competitions?
Of course. Not as often as I used to, but hope to do more in the future.

6.) What was your funniest experience during a competition?
Funniest, coolest and most interesting is it to be able to judge in so many different countries, at so many different competitions, meeting so many nice people with different background and with the same passion for agility.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


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