ÖKV Agility Staatsmeisterschaft 2018

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Blaz Oven (SLO)


1.) How and when did you first get in touch with Agility?
Back in 2006 when I got my first dog - border collie. I was attending puppy school and there were also agility classes on field beside us and so I fell in love with it and attended agility classes right after puppy school ended and my dog was old enough.

2.) What was your inspiration to get agility judge?
Soon after I started to compete, I got interested in knowing also that part of agility world and I decided to try it. And I love it.

3.) What is the most faszinating part of agility for you?
Watching different types of handling with which different handlers succeed to defeat parts of my course.

4.) What is your favourite obstacle on the course?
I like most of the obstacles, but I must say that favourite one is the tunnel.

5.) Are you starting yourself on competitions?
Yes, I am also a competitor. At the moment, I run with 3 dogs, one border collie and 2 shelties. I am part of Slovenia EO team since 2010. I was also part of Slovenia medium team on AWC where in 2015 we got 2nd place and we became world champions in 2017.

6.) What was your funniest experience during a competition?
As a judge I always get some laughter when handlers watch the course and make funny faces like on how they will manage this part. But the most funny part is when some handlers fall in a unique way, but I must maintain my serious face when this happens.

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